Project management

Prof. Dr. Philippe Smet
LumiLab, Department of Solid State Sciences, Ghent University
Krijgslaan 281-S1, 9000 Gent
T +32 9 264 43 53
F +32 9 264 49 96



The LumiLab research group is a part of the department of Solid State Sciences at Ghent University. The group investigates luminescent materials for several applications. In recent years, phosphor research has shifted from thin film electroluminescence to bulk and nano-sized powder photoluminescent materials.

Prof. Dr. Philippe Smet

Prof. Dr. Dirk Poelman

Dr. Danaë Delbeke

Dr. Koen Van den Eeckhout

Heleen Sijbom

Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures (PCN)

The PCN research group is a part of the department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry at Ghent University. The group works since 2003 in the field of colloidal nanocrystals, with a focus on the synthesis, optical properties and applications of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals or quantum dots.

Prof. Dr. Zeger Hens

Dr. Mickaël Tessier

Dorian Dupont

Sofie Abé

Light & Lighting Laboratory

The Light & Lighting Laboratory is a part of the KAHO St.-Lieven university college. Through 15 years of research and consultancy, they gained a lot of experience in lighting and energy efficiency, optical characterization and optical simulation of luminaires and in the lighting design of indoor applications.

Prof. Dr. Peter Hanselaer

Sven Leyre

Paula Acuña

Jana Ryckaert


The Agfa Healthcare R&D Consumables is responsible for the development of all Agfa Healthcare products for which chemical and materials knowledge is required. They have the required infrastructure and a 5-6 decade long experience for coating phosphor and auxiliary layers with various techniques.

Dr. Paul Leblans

Dr. Jean-Pierre Tahon


Flamac is a competence centre in high-throughput methodologies to support research for the materials and chemical industry. They have developed and applied cominatorial experimentation methods for the acceleration of research into new materials, their properties and applications.

Dr. Johan Paul

Dr. Guido Huyberechts